Reid+Factor is a collaboration between Margaret Reid Boyer and Jodie Factor, founded in 2017. In the twenty years following graduate school at the School of Visual Arts, we have continued to share our work with each other for feedback and advice. During these meetings we’ve had many lively discussions about the state of the contemporary American female. Our own experiences as mothers, wives, and working women fuel our photographic investigation into the proscribed roles of women in our culture. 


Not everyone would consider photography a collaborative endeavor. It works for us because we are the products of the same school of thought and are influenced by many of the same artists. We enjoy working each part of the process together from the conception of ideas, to stage direction, shooting, and editing. But we are also aligned in terms of technology. We shoot on film and tap friends and family for locations and subjects. For costumes we raid our closets and our mothers’ closets. We make this work out of whatever tools we have on hand, which allows us to embrace the capricious nature of our artmaking process.



Art on Paper Fair3walls boothNew York, March 2020

The Billboard Creative—Los Angeles, February 2020

Exposure 2019—Photographic Resource Center, Boston, July, 2019

3walls—Brooklyn, May, 2019 

Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood Reading Series—New York, Dec 2018

Online Publications:

The Sevens, Saint Lucy, Ed. Mark Alice Durant 

One Picture One Paragraph, Saint Lucy, Ed. Mark Alice Durant

Art & Craft, The Woolfer, Ed. Nina Collins


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