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Our work is about the absurdity of the situation that many women continue to find themselves in. Historically the ways in which we’ve been conditioned to receive images of women, from fine art to advertising, have not allowed for a plurality of truths of what it means to be female. Our own experiences as mothers, wives, and artists fuel our photographic investigation into themes of power, powerlessness, sexuality, and gender performance. In all of our work we endeavor to visualize the physical manifestations of a socially constructed imbalance of power.

Each project begins with a woman alone in a home. In a performance of unsettling rituals, she attempts to navigate the pre-determined conditions of her world. These endeavors appear to be innocuous but are permeated by a growing sense of futility. The female body engages with the domestic space in ways that are surreal, erotic, painful and mundane. She dresses in a scaffolding which is neither supportive nor protective, but instead reflects the uncertainty of her position in the world. In each of our projects we attempt to conceptualize the gap between the illusion and the reality of women’s access to power.


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